Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ta Da!

For Christmas my Mom gave me a sewing calendar. I haven't made any of the patterns yet...bad I know...since it's almost July! So I decided I needed to catch up and busy my hands! The first project I took on was the "Tea Towel Apron."

The directions seemed pretty simple for my first project. All I needed was a tea towel and some ribbon. I bought this tea towel at the Dollar Store - I thought it held a lot of potential with the upcoming 4th of July Holiday coming up!

Ta da! The finished product! Not too shabby! I feel like it looks like a square...maybe it needs more embellishment....more pizazz...more glitter! Not too bad for my first sewing calendar project...

On a side note, I started volunteering today at the Santa Monica Historical Society Museum. To break up the monotony of my job searching days, I decided to give up some of my time to non-profit organizations. The Santa Monica Historical Society is preparing to move from their current location, a quaint bungalow on Euclid Street, to the modern Santa Monica Library at 6th Street and Santa Monica. It's such an exciting move for the Historical Society, since they will have new updated exhibits, more space, an environmentally sound environment, and a greater public presence. What did I do my first day? I helped catalogue their collection and saw some amazing pieces of Santa Monica history. I can't wait to go back again!
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