Thursday, October 7, 2010


I am a self confessed master piddler (the word my Mom always called me growing up). I can fill may day doing a little a bit of everything, but at the days end there will only be half-finished projects scattered about. My favorite things include crafts, baking, flipping through magazines, roaming flea markets and garage sales, traveling, and anything with a patina. Usually I try to make do with what I have and re-purpose it to make something beautiful.

So, I've decided to change the name and content of my blog to share how I piddle about. The content of my blog will cover things I love, things I glean inspiration from, and things I make. While reading French Women for all Seasons by Mireille Guiliano, I stumbled upon the French word Bricolage in the vocabulary index. Immediately after reading her beautiful definition I had an "ah ha" moment. Bricolage defined me. Mireille explains, "French women (and men) have made an art of making do with what's at hand, whether with one's clothes or what's in season at the market, or available in a storeroom or closet...I love this word, bricolage, which comes from the verb bricoler, to tinker about, mostly around the house...It has a special cultural meaning in that it celebrates a person, un bricoleur (masculine) or une bricoleuse (feminine), who is creative and imaginative and who puts things together in fresh and original ways." (pp. 337-338)  And that's just me...I love tinkering around the house making use of whatever I have laying about.

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